Fat guy came about when a friend asked if I liked erotic art. When I told her that I was not especially fond of it she asked, if that was so why did I do so many images with sexy nude females in them?
~I had not thought of that,~
So, in order to reach an absurd balance Fat Guy was conceived. Through the years more than a bit of self portraiture and being has gone in to him. However I should point out that I am not THAT bald... yet!
Fat guy images are created with a mixture of Poser, Bryce, 3D Studio and Photoshop.

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Vs. the Alley Cat Gang
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640 x 480

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800 x 600
Emperor's New Clothes
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1024 x 768
Legion of Stupid Heroes
Vist the LOSH Store
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640 x 480
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800 x 600
Trick or Treat
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At the Beach
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768 x 512
Pool Party
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1024 x 768
Ice Fishing
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Midnight Reverie
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Bogged Down
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Dueling Insomniacs
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Midnight Raid
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Farewell AOL
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1024 x 768
Requiem for a Friend
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Midnight in the Garden of
Moose and Weasel
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640 x 480
At the Carnival


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